Edward Fox and Patti Boyd were amongst those who joined fine jeweller Theo Fennell and Gregory Doran, Artistic Director of the Royal Shakespeare Company, to celebrate the work of the RSC and the unveiling of Theo Fennell's limited edition Shakespeare Collection. Guests were also treated to a special performance by members of the RSC at Theo Fennell's Fulham Road flagship gallery.

At the event Theo showcased a number of limited edition pieces including pendants, cufflinks and statuettes, all superbly modelled in silver and incorporating wood carved from the original 1932 stage of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. These talismanic pieces have been designed by Theo to bring reassurance, with the spirit of legendary actors seeped into the very wood – making them true pieces of history.

The pinnacle of the collection is Theo’s homage to Shakespeare: a set of candlesticks conceived as a set of four great Shakespearean characters - Henry V, Portia, Richard III and Hamlet - all beautifully sculpted standing on a silver stage. Exquisitely hand-crafted by some of the most brilliant craftsmen in the world, these sterling silver candlesticks are works of art in which sculpture melds with silversmithing and theatre.

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“I have always been a Shakespeare fan; more of a braying yokel at the Elizabethan Globe than a considered intellectual in the West End but his characters are so complete and his language so brilliant and peerless that he is a joy at every level. I have designed jewellery involving his work in the past but these candlesticks are intended as a straightforward homage to the great man and as a piece of table theatre. I also hope we can raise some money for The RSC.”

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