From our wealth of models, patterns and silverware, we are able to put different components together to transform dishes, bowls, decanters and a whole raft of pieces, into unique pieces. From adding a simple engraving to applying an appropriate miniature model we can quickly magic an original piece in our workshops here, on site, above the Gallery.

Unique & thoughtful gifts

As an example, here is a superb model of a jockey about to weigh in and a raised Elizabethan dish. As well as adding the model to the dish, we can engrave and even enamel it in the relevant racing colours. Having so many different patterns and such a range of silverware, we can customise pieces quickly to make up the most original and thoughtful gifts.

"We have specialised for many years in offering the most original and personalised presents and being able to customise the amazing array of silver we have. It is one of the most satisfying things, to make up the perfect present for a customer and know it is going to hit the spot."

Customisation Enquiries

We would be delighted to assist with your customisation needs, please contact the Gallery team on 020 7591 5002 or email and they will be very happy to discuss your requirements. Alternatively click the link below to fill out our online form.

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