The Coloseum Ring

Theo’s second collaboration with Willard Wigan MBE, the truly great English micro-sculptor, led to the creation of the unique ‘Colosseum Ring’, modelled on the Roman Colosseum which was commissioned in AD72 by Emperor Vespasian.

The ring, which has been created entirely by hand in our workshop by some of the most brilliant craftsmen in the world and took over 200 hours to make,

Crafted from 18ct Yellow Gold, the Rock Crystal dome opens up to reveal a slain gladiator lying in the sand. He was crafted by Willard on a minute scale, the attention to detail is quite extraordinary. Measuring about two millimetres high and crafted in 18ct Gold, the gladiator is wearing a loin-cloth and a helmet, with his shield and sword lying beside him.

The ring is accompanied by an exquisite magnifying glass, which has been designed to be worn as a pendant to allow the wearer to see the minute details of the entire ring. Superbly crafted from 18ct Yellow and White Gold and studded with Diamonds, the magnifying glass is suspended from a Roman sword poised between two skulls with Roman helmets. The 18ct Yellow Gold chain is set with Diamonds.

"This was such a pleasure to make as Mark, a brilliant craftsman who has worked in our workshop since he was a boy, made the ring, his brother, a brilliant woodworker, made the box and Willard made the Gladiator. It was polished here by Steve, the polisher’s guru, so it has had the finest parentage in the world".

Even the box that has been created to hold the ring and pendant is a true work of art with minute detailing and hidden drawers and modelled on the Pantheon – the great building in Rome, commissioned by Marcus Agrippa during the reign of Augustus and rebuilt by the emperor Hadrian about 126 AD. The box was made by our goldsmith’s brother.