Bespoke Jewellery

Creating your own piece of jewellery is a wonderful experience and one of our passions is to take that journey with you. Bringing to life your ideas, however extreme, in rough sketches and to the final drawings, then the prototype and finally your very own unique piece crafted to last for generations.

A design to suit you

How ‘bespoke’ the piece will be, is up to you. It can be designed from scratch in the studio, worked around an idea you have or a stone you have, or just given some unique character by adding subtle details or engraving. You will see your commission evolve to the finished piece and be as involved as you wish.

Design with no boundaries

The extraordinary skills of our multi-award winning studio and workshop, above our flagship store in London, mean we can make any piece of jewellery, however complex. The amazing variety of skills we have means we can produce the most mind-boggling pieces and Theo himself is intimately involved in every piece.

Memorable pieces for all occasions

Whether it is for you, your family, friends or associates, a lover or even a celebration of something not so romantic, we will work with you to see what is possible and produce something really memorable. It is a simple, highly enjoyable experience and need not cost more than a piece off the peg.

"Having a piece of jewellery made for you, bespoke, is a joyous, inclusive and creative process and you can be as involved or as distant from it as you wish. It allows you to conduct your own orchestra, to direct your own play and to make your own portrait. In a world of recurring uniformity, it allows you endless boundaries."

Bespoke Gallery

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If you would like to book a consultation to discuss an idea for a piece of jewellery or just see what the possibilities could be, we would be delighted to see you in our London Gallery.

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