Trellis Fairy Heart Pendant

The ethereal heart shaped Trellis Pendant with its intricately entwined woodland branches, adorned with leaves and flowers is home to a tiny sleeping flower fairy.

The intricacy of the pierced, diamond studded setting that hovers over the hand painted enamel landscape has been crafted by the master craftsmen here in our London workshop. This simple, and whimsical work of art is impeccably made.

Trellis Fairy Art Pendant3@2x.png

Not only beautifully designed on the front, the attention to detail continues with the magnificent deep-engraving on the reverse; each minute detail of every leaf and flower have been painstakingly engraved by hand by one of the best deep-engravers in the world.

A true work of art that demonstrates Theo’s passion for beautiful design and exceptional craftsmanship.

"I have always loved the tradition of whimsical jewellery but it has to be really well conceived and made to succeed. The fairy, so much part of our tradition of folklore and poetry, is something that transcends kitch and can have its own precious beauty so I have always loved working with fairies".

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