Queen Elizabeth I Brooch

This incredibly detailed brooch is Theo’s reinterpretation of the portrait bust jewels that punctuate the history of jewellery and so often depicting great people. So Theo felt that Elizabeth I should be his first portrait brooch to be realised by his master craftsmen as she oversaw the zenith of such jewels.

The skull, carved in mammoth bone is framed by a delicate white gold and diamond ruff and crowned by hand carved citrine hair, studded with black diamonds above a sapphire and diamond dress to create an instantly recognisable and regal portrait.

QE1_Brooch 2@2x.png

The individual skills that have combined to create this one off jewel are outstanding. As always with Theo’s work, the incredible detail extends to the back of the piece. Hand engraved, filigree pattern work is a finishing touch to this most regal of broches that is the result of years of dedication and of great artisans honing their skills. Such pieces will be admired for generations.

QE1_Brooch 1@2x.pngQE1_Brooch@2x.png

"These are genuine works of art, and I don’t believe they could have been conceived, let alone made, anywhere else but here at Theo Fennell. We really are at the vanguard of the renaissance of one-off, hand-made jewellery".

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