Beehive Opening Ring

Symbol of happy industry and maker of honey; the bee is one of Theo Fennell’s most beloved symbols. This exquisitely crafted ring pays homage to their place of work and social hub: the beehive.

The intricately handcrafted ring is made entirely from 18ct yellow, white and rose gold. Decorated with yellow sapphire and diamonds, this stunning work of art opens to reveal your own perfectly detailed little bee.

Beehive Ring_5.png

Beehive Ring_4@2x.png

The level of expertise invested into this piece is breath taking: from the diamond and sapphire encrusted yellow gold honeycomb, to the delicate rose gold leaves which decorate the beehive itself – every detail has been handcrafted by our team of highly skilled craftsmen.

Beehive Ring_2@2x.png

Beehive Ring_3@2x.png

The opening rings are one of my delights, as is the bee, so it seemed natural to combine them.

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